Lori W. Beasley


Opening a Trading Account to Invest in US Stocks

To open a trading account and begin to Invest in US stocks, you will need to submit the following documentation: -A completed application form -Your passport -Proof of Indian residency -Proof of income -Bank statements or other financial documents Different...


How To Get Started In Forex?

Foreign Exchange market, commonly known as the Forex Market, refers to a marketplace where currency exchange takes place. It's a global exchange market that is available in all corners of the planet and has grown to be one of most...


Does Being Financially Literate Matter?

Financial literacy is a cognitive perception of economic or financial and skillscomponents such as investing, budgeting, borrowing, personal financial management, and taxation. While being financially illiterate means ignorance of these skills. Understanding whether people can successfully navigate the complexity of...


Reading Fundamental Analysis

There are two main approaches when it comes to predicting price movements and determining forex trading opportunities. First is the technical analysis that tries to predict the direction a price is making based on historical price data and statistics. Then,...

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