Best Routers in Singapore

An unreliable internet connection is the most hassle in today’s time. That’s why you must have the best router for Singtel fibre plans to get an uninterrupted internet connection. The online world has evolved over the years and has revolutionised everyones’ lives. Millions of people consider it necessary to make cashless transactions, search for jobs, catch up with their near and dear ones, stay away from them, pay monthly bills, search for jobs, etc. Here are the top picks available in Singapore that you can take.

  • Singtel

This home fibre broadband plan is best in Singapore and has a speed that ranges from 1 GBPS to 10 GBPS. The monthly charges start from S$44.90, and you get a rebate of S$5 to S$10 on every plan after the monthly bill is processed.

  • StarHub

StarHub is another internet service provider maintaining a speed of 500 MBPS to 2 GBPS. The price starts from S$29.90, and Disney+ is free for selected schemes. Dedicated plans are available for people whose consumption is more.

  • M1

M1 maintains a speed of 500 MBPS to 2 GBPS, and the monthly cost starts from S$29.90. Newbies can use the code 2FRNEW to sign-up and type REONLINE2M to get a free router. This fibre broadband service provider is suitable for people who spend a good amount of time gaming.

The List Of Petrol Credit Card Service Providers In Singapore 

As everyone knows, Petrol can become extremely expensive in the coming times in Singapore; using Petrol Credit Cards; people can get some concession. A Petrol Credit Card is highly practical and can be used to pay petrol charges. A few of them can also be used for making other purchases. With the Caltex best credit cardyou can purchase fuel and get huge rewards and discounts, like cash rebates. The top Petrol Credit Cards that you can get in Singapore are:

  • OCBC 365

People who buy Petrol from local service stations or Caltex can opt for OCBC 365. It is also an additional cashback card that will reward you for several categories. With this credit card, You can make the most from every purchase. Apart from Caltex, you can earn around 5% cashback from fuel. However, Caltex customers get attractive discounts and can enjoy offers while purchasing groceries and dining.

  • DBS Esso

It is one of the top choices for motorists and drivers to get fuel, as DBS Esso gives a fuel discount of 21.6%. Apart from that, the card’s other features are additional smile savings, instant fuel discounts, extra savings for card members’ accounts, etc. In addition, whenever you use this card, you earn SMILES points which can be redeemed on the next petrol purchases. Individuals with this card can enjoy the loyalty program offered by this brand.

  • Citi Cash Back Credit Card 

One more petrol credit card used by riders is Citi Cash Back Credit Card, which lets you save around 20.88% on fuel. Esso customers can save up to 20.88% of fuel through this card and get a cashback of S$120. People must show their cards at the cashier counter to enjoy such discounts. They can also opt for an instant cash loan Singapore if needed at any point. On every transaction, they offer some points that can be redeemed later. A cashback of S$300 can also be earned with lower minimum spending.

  • UOB One Card 

Do you need to top up your Petrol at Shell constantly? If yes, the UOB One Card is a suitable option to go ahead with. This card lets you enjoy discounts of up to 21.15%. The scheme is further divided into two categories; a cashback of up to 5% and an instant discount of up to 17%. But before opting for this credit card, you should find out if it is a suitable choice according to your requirements. Remember that you cannot use a UOB One Card on a single huge transaction. Instead of that, you have to divide the amount into several transactions.

  • Maybank World Mastercard 

In Singapore, you can enjoy one more Petrol Credit Card, Maybank World Mastercard. It offers four air miles per dollar on every petrol purchase. After filling up the petrol station, you can enjoy treat points 10x times. The annual fee gets automatically waived for people who use the card for spendings above S$24000 every year.

Final Thoughts 

Are you thinking about how to get a Petrol Credit Card? If so, you should speak to the service providers offering such cards. That way, you can save a good amount of money in every transaction. In addition, you can enjoy rewards, bonuses, cash rebates, etc. But to enjoy all such offers, you must pick the right card from the above options. Some cards are available, which give instant cash discounts of S$120.