Pocket Option – Best Trading Strategies

Best Trading Strategies


Binary options trading on the Pocket Option platform can be profitable if you have the right strategy. In this article, we will look at some of the best strategies for trading on Pocket Option. You can test them on a free Pocket Option demo account –

  • Technical analysis

Technical analysis is one of the most common binary options trading strategies. It involves analyzing historical price data to predict future price movements. Pocket Option offers a wide range of technical indicators that can help you in your technical analysis.

  • News trading strategy

News trading is another popular strategy, especially among those traders who prefer short-term trading. It involves keeping track of economic news and events that can affect asset prices and entering trades based on the market’s reaction to that news.

  • Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is a money management system that requires you to double your bet size after every losing trade. The goal of this strategy is to recover losses with one winning trade. However, you should be careful with this strategy as it can quickly deplete your capital on a series of losing trades.

  • Pinocchio strategy

The Pinocchio strategy is based on the use of candlestick charts and is especially effective in binary options. If a candle with a large body and a short shadow is Pinocchio. The bet is placed in the opposite direction from the body of the candle. This strategy works well in trending and volatile markets.


The choice of trading strategy largely depends on your personal preferences, trading style and current market conditions. Pocket Option provides many tools and resources that can help you determine and apply the strategy that is best for you.

Rozella Kessler
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