Parqel range of services a model for success

Order fulfillment suppliers, third-party shipping providers, and logistics solution companies offer a plethora of services that undergird the foundation that supports the delivery of products to consumers.

In a highly competitive marketplace, companies meeting customers’ demands are often the successful ones in the industry. However, the lineup of services varies among these order fulfillment and third-party shipping suppliers.

Types of services

At Parqel, which provides order fulfillment and third-party shipping, customers have an array of services from which to pick. The company offers logistics solutions, order fulfillment, quality control, expert consulting, and mail forwarding, which includes delivering packages bought at retail stores in the U.S.

The company’s logistics services comprise shipping, receiving, transportation management systems, and logistics for business consumers.

“Order fulfillment is a huge undertaking. There is so much to keep track of and get done,” the company says on its website at “Receiving incoming products, stocking, and tracking inventory are huge tasks. Not to mention order picking, packaging, and shipping out those orders.”

The company, owned by Viofree Inc., works to ensure customers are satisfied with the services that are supported by trained and dedicated staff. Parqel also works with business customers to help them carve out a bigger slice of their market in comparison to their competitors. Other essential services include:

  • Scheduling – This service allows for last-minute changes to delivery and pick-up schedules to accommodate the company’s internal schedules.
  • Inspection – Parqel inspects incoming shipments, equipment, and outgoing orders using automated systems and humans.
  • Freight brokerage consultants – This is for customers who deal with larger shipments.
  • Shipping network – The company works with a variety of carriers and work to establish long-term relationships with them.

Viabox focuses its services on package forwarding. This means that customers shop online from U.S. retailers and get their purchases shipped to more than 220 countries.

As part of that service, Viabox offers:

  • Automated warehouse that allows for automated package sorting and storage
  • Free photos of boxes that arrive at suites set aside for each customer are instantly available on your account
  • Free 90-day storage
  • Free package consolidation
  • Free repackaging to reduce volume and lower shipping cost

In comparison to the other companies, Shop & Ship, an international shipping service, offers shopping experiences in a host of countries. The company’s service is available in over 80 destinations globally.

Customers can track the packages that are being shipped to them. To eliminate any concerns about packages getting lost, the company insures each one.

Ship7 also forwards packages to its customers who shop at online retailers in the USA and the United Kingdom. Customers sign up for service and get a Ship7 shipping address at checkout and are notified when the company receives the packages at its warehouse.

Ship7 service also includes:

  • A shop-for-me service
  • Package consolidation
  • Storage and forwarding
  • Re-packaging of purchases
  • Package returns

Correspondences and packages

Parqel’s customers can get correspondences as well as packages forwarded to them at the location they choose. And the process is speedy.

“Our goal is to re-ship items within 48 hours after we receive them,” Parqel, a commercial mail receiving agent, states on its website at